Hello, my name is Lori Ayre.Iím a library technology consultant from California.Iíve been working with content filtering products for a couple of years now so Jim asked me to come here and share some information that might help you with your decisions about E-rate, CIPA requirements and filtering. Before I get started, Iíd like to tell you what Iím working on now.

As of the Supreme Court ruling, I began putting together a database of information about filters with the intention of sharing that information.As of today, November 11th, 2003, filtering.galecia.com is available for viewing.The information collected there represents information Iíve collected from filter vendors.It contains over 50 fields of information on each filter product.

This project is very much in process.Some of the information there now will change, new information will be added and new search and print features will be added.Iím just now in the process of gathering the information from vendors.As they submit it, I review it, fact check it and supplement or change it so that we are doing as much apples to apples comparisons as possible.

For today, Iím going to give you a bit of an overview into the filter market and I hope that armed with the information from today, you can use filtering.galecia.com to find a product that suits your needs, if indeed you do decide to filter in your library.