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AI Training for 2024

Trying to keep up with the latest developments in AI? Our AI training offerings are crafted to ensure library staff are equipped with cutting-edge AI knowledge and skills. These specialized training sessions are designed to be pragmatic and comprehensive, focusing on real-world applications, critical understanding, and hands-on experiences. We prioritize actionable learning outcomes without any hype, ensuring each participant can confidently apply AI tools in their daily work.

AI Fundamentals for Library Staff (2024)

Explore the transformative role of AI in libraries with our AI Fundamentals for Library Staff (2024). This course demystifies AI, breaking it down into fundamental concepts ideal for those new to the technology. Engage in discussions about AI ethics and impact while learning to leverage AI for improved library services.

Creating Grant Proposals with AI

Learn to master grant writing with AI in our Creating Grant Proposals with AI workshop. This training helps you understand how to employ AI effectively to create impactful, successful grant proposals. Discover how AI can streamline your writing process and enhance your proposals' clarity and alignment with grant requirements.

Crafting AI Policies *With* AI

Explore the art of creating and revising library policies using AI - including policies about AI. This session, Crafting AI Policies *With* AI, is thoughtfully designed for library professionals and board members who are eager to explore two new roles of AI in libraries: as a subject of policy and as a tool for policy-making.

Collaborating With AI: Deep Dive into ChatGPT Plus

Dive into the practical uses of ChatGPT Plus with Collaborating With AI: Deep Dive into ChatGPT Plus. This session is aimed at harnessing the full potential of ChatGPT's latest features. From document uploads to real-world application demonstrations, this workshop will show you how to integrate advanced AI tools and prompts into your library tasks.


The Galecia Group's unique Public Library Artificial Intelligence Demonstration ("PLAID") platform is the foundation of our AI training efforts. This cloud-based program provides a simple and affordable way for library staff to try cutting-edge AI tools. Learn more.



The Galecia Group sponsors the PLAID listserv for members of the public library community interested in the use of AI. Visit our signup page to register and set your listserv options!


We've helped state libraries, regional consortia, and others offer private AI training to their members. Get in touch to discuss how we can help your libraries.