Galecia Group projects are often a partnership with Lori Ayre and one or two other very talented and committed people. Technology is a broad arena so technology consulting for libraries, by its very nature, will require people with very deep knowledge as well as people with very broad knowledge. Bringing the right mix of both to each project is one of the keys to our success. The following Galecia Associates operate as independent contractors and their association with the Galecia Group has been instrumental to our success and they are considered very valuable members of the team.

In addition to the above contributors, we have also engaged the services of some companies that we've selected for both their expertise and values.  

  • BitSource - Known as the company that is teaching miners how to code, is a software development company that designs, develops and deploys websites, applications, games, tools, interactions, and software solutions. Their workforce is drawn from their local community in Kentucky where the mining industry has seen massive job loss. BitSource represents the kind of entreprenuerial approach to the changing job market that we think this country needs.
  • DevCollaborative - A woman-owned company, DevCollaborative has provided Drupal services to the nonprofit sector for years. We appreciate that they think strategically about the accessibility and long-term sustainability of content, design, and code. We are particularly indebted to them for their user interface expertise.

FYI, our new website was built using Drupal. Jim CranerIan Chan, and Wendy Wilsher did all the heavy lifting. The icons are creations of Lisa Krieshok.