EasySRP is a new summer reading model for libraries, combining the benefits and statistics of online apps with the simplicity and ease of traditional paper logs. Check out EasySRP.com to learn more!

LibraryCall helps libraries provide cost-effective phone- and text-based services. From Library Dial-A-Story services to complex community information hotlines, reach out to the unconnected with LibraryCall.


We are trustworthy advocates for libraries. For clients looking to deploy state-of-the-art technologies like automated materials handling and RFID, we work with them to clarify their needs and ensure that the procurement choices are driven by the library’s requirements - not the vendor’s. When it comes to web and data services, we ensure our clients use widely available, proven tools that will stand the test of time and won’t leave them unsupported when the next fad kicks in.


Galecia consultants have unmatched library technology experience, in both the physical and online spheres. Lori Ayre’s knowledge of the library materials handling, RFID, and self-service technologies along with her experience working with public libraries to understand, procure and leverage these technologies is incomparable. Jim Craner has spent the past ten years helping our client libraries and consortia build data-driven applications and websites as a project manager and web developer, as well as spearheading our efforts to bring the concept of "data librarianship" to public libraries.


Every time we engage a client, the first thing we do is talk to them about strategic goals. Everything we do has to fit into the bigger picture somehow – it will save money, it will transform service delivery, it will free up staff to do things that need to be done. We help libraries by coming in with the expertise to handle the details but we don’t forget about the priorities. We always keep our eyes on the strategic horizon.


We believe in empowering our clients so they can keep the momentum that our engagement begins. We see ourselves as experts in technologies that are becoming important tools for libraries. Our goal is to turn our clients from users of the new technologies to actual owners of the technologies so they can leverage their investment and increase their capacity to function independently.