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In towns and cities of all sizes, civic technology is bringing community members together with their government institutions to improve the lives of all residents - and libraries are a natural hub for community-focused technology efforts. We provide consulting, training, event facilitation, and even customized open source applications to help your library become a digital community hub. 

  • What is civic technology?

    Civic technology is technology that improves how government engages with its residents, businesses, and organizations.  Everything from a "pay your parking ticket online" app to your library's online public access catalog can be considered civic technology.  Learn more about civic technology!
  • Learn how to build a civic technology presence at your library!

    Public libraries can play an important role in their local civic technology ecosystem.  Learn how your library can help bring together local government with local technologists for the benefit of the community.
  • Check out our gallery of potential civic tech projects, for libraries of all sizes.

    Need inspiration?  Check out this list of civic technology projects suitable for your library whether you're a civic tech expert or just getting started.
  • Learn about the Library Open Data Initiative.

    We're working to help libraries become open data all-stars: from publishing local community open data to helping their patrons obtain and use the data they need.  Learn how you can help open data for the use of everyone!