"Open data" is data published by a government entity for use by the public - it can include everything from budget and finance data to detailed scientific datasets of natural environments.  As trusted community providers of information and technology access, public libraries have a unique role to play in helping their communities publish, find, and use open data.  The Galecia Group is seeking libraries for our Library Open Data Initiative (LODI), a project that will foster increased awareness of the importance and availability of data to librarians, local government, and the public.

  • Learn how to find relevant open data from local, county, state, and federal government agencies, as well as share that data with patrons.
  • Provide data literacy skills for community members.
  • Connect community members with data fluency training (in-house or online opportunities).
  • Learn how to publish your library's data
  • Learn how to support local/regional open data efforts.

Free Open Data Catalog

Our free open data website makes getting started with open data easy.  Create a free account on our shared open data catalog website and begin publishing your community's data today.  You can include spreadsheets, geo-files, reports and more - and take advantage of the website's built-in tools for creating data visualization tools like charts and maps.

Subscribe to Galecia's Managed Open Data Service ($1,500/1st year; $1,000/addt'l year)

Building a municipal or county open data project?  Our Managed Open Data Service subscription is an "open data solution-in-a-box" for public libraries and/or city/county governments.  No technical expertise is required!  The service includes:

  • creation and hosting of a custom open data catalog (e.g., data.YourLibrary.us)
  • consultation to identify and publish your first ten local datasets on your catalog
  • access to our "virtual data librarian" service for your staff and patrons - get advice on finding, managing, and using open data from our expert researchers
  • access to our Data Librarian training videos, as well as our patron open data curricula for your library's data literacy efforts
  • early sign-up access to our Data Librarian live training webinars and in-person training events

Additional Offerings (cost varies)

From open data to "maps and apps," civic technology can power true community innovation.  Meet us at the intersection of "library programming" and "web programming," where civic technology projects can educate your patrons, provide workforce development opportunities, and truly benefit your community members.  All of our additional offerings - consulting, training, event facilitation, project management - are customized after careful consultations with your leadership and technology team.  Possibilities include:

  • On-site custom data consultations and training
  • Custom data-driven application development
  • Community Map Project Facilitation
  • Hackathon Event Facilitation

Contact us for more information.