Posted by Lori Ayre on September 8, 2013

Is someone looking into the idea of using the Apple "Complete my Album" idea for enticing readers to buy e-books?  If so, I haven't seen it yet but there's a LOT of ebooks stuff to read if you are really trying to stay on top of the issue.  You could start with "68 essential resources for eBooks in libraries by Ellyssa Kroski."  And I confess I'm not following the topic as closely as some others do. 

Nonetheless, I think there's something there.....the way I see it working is publishers could make e-books available to libraries for some reasonable amount (instead of charging two to three times what it costs a person to buy the same e-book as a civilian) but in the e-book they offer the reader opportunities to buy a copy for themselves as either an e-book that they have permanent rights to (for a super low price) or for a copy of the physical book (because the reader loves it so much they want a copy for their shelves or so they can lend it to others).

It's certainly a great idea for authors or publishers who want to interact directly with customers....offer them the first 100 pages and if they decide they like it, sell them the e-book or audiobook or paperback, whatever they want.  Why not?