Posted by Lori Ayre on June 3, 2012

I am one of several consultants participating in the free consulting sessions being provided as part of the Consultants Give Back programs delivered at the major conferences.  The date for CGB at ALA Anaheim is Sunday, June 24th from 1:30-5:30 at the Conference Center, Room 203B. 

I had hoped that our co-sponsors (ASCLA and PLA) would provide a handy webpagethat listed the consultants participating but evidently simple webpages are hard to come by!  Instead, there is a downloadable PDF (grrrr) circulating (somewhere) as a press release.  Good luck finding it!

So, for your convenience, I offer the following list. Please contact the consultant directly if you'd like to make an appointment at the Conference.   

Lori Bowen Ayre, The Galecia Group

  • http:/
  • Open source software (Koha, Evergreen, Fulfillment) evaluation and planning; materials handling workflow optimization, automated materials handling and RFID assessment, selection, and ROI.

Carson Block, Carson Block LLC

Kimberly Bolan Cullin, Kimberly Bolan and Associates

Nancy Bolt, Nancy Bolt & Associates

  • Strategic and long-range planning (certified by the Association of Strategic Planning); project development, management, and evaluation; international library development; grant writing; advocacy training.

Anders C. Dahlgren, Library Planning Associates, Inc.

Nancy H. Davis, The Ivy Group

Carole D. Fiore, Training and Library Consulting

Cheryl Gould, Fully Engaged Libraries

  • Management training to support a culture of innovation; organizational change; customer service; high performing teams; bringing improvisation skills to the workplace to create a "yes, and" environment for customers and staff

Carl Grant, CARE Affiliates LLC

David L Gray, Gray Public Relations & Marketing

Catherine Hakala-Ausperk, LibrariesThrive

  • Management, supervision, and teamwork; strategic planning; communication.

Dr. Ken Haycock, Ken Haycock & Associates Inc.

Arlene Hopkins

  • Library planning; architecture linkages between K-12 education and libraries; sustainability; ecological restoration and habitat certifications for library landscape; community libraries and climate change; librarians leading the way to community based climate change solutions.

Carol Linn, Linn & Logan Consulting, Inc.

Stephen C. Maac, REAP Change Consultants

Sam McBane Mulford, ideation • collaborative

James Minges, Minges & Associates

Elaina Norlin, Knowledge is Power

Gail Schlachter, Reference Service Press

Paula M. Singer, The Singer Group

  • Custom human resource development, compensation, and performance management; leadership development and succession planning to align with strategy; strategic planning;leadership development, coaching, audits of HR programs and services.

Melissa Stockton, Quipu Group, LLC

Also available but missing from the ASCLA/PLA Press Release (so far) are five more consultants.  I've included their email address for those I have so you can contact them as well: