Posted by Lori Ayre on October 13, 2006

Modern Materials Handling reports that a Dutch bookseller, Selexyz has teamed up with a large book distributor to test the idea of applying item-level RFID tags before delivering their books to the retailer. Whereas libraries have been using item-level RFID tags for a few years, most of the RFID tags used in supply-chain operations are applied to containers and pallets rather than individual items.

One of the RFID vendors involved in this project is Progress Software which, strangely enough, lists our library pal, Dynix as a customer. Interesting.

The article reports that the tags are used to automatically receive books in the store's inventory management system, provide visibility to the location of the books, automatically notify customers when special orders are available for pick up and automate store replenishment.

When RFID tags are interoperable across library systems and are applied by the booksellers...that's when it starts making more sense to me for libraries.