Posted by Lori Ayre on August 22, 2004

I recently took advantage of a term paper assignment for one of my classes (you did know I was in library school, right?) to study RFID very thoroughly. The result was a whopping 60 pager on the topic. That got whittled down to something a bit more accessible with the help of Beth Rosenberg, the managing editor of the upcoming book Wireless Privacy: RFID, Bluetooth, 802.11 to be published in early 2005 by Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall. Simson Garfinkel is Rosenberg's co-editor. My sixteeen page paper appears as Libraries and RFID: Benefits, Threats, Responsibilities. I'm now making the chapter available on my website as a position paper on RFID and libraries. I have done so with the blessings of Rosenberg and Garfinkel. From what I saw of the other contributors' works, this book will be an excellent resource for those of us struggling with the beautiful and beastly qualities of wireless technology. I'm proud to have been included.