Posted by Lori Ayre on March 2, 2011

Like all things technology, your equipment will be ready for an upgrade within five years — not because it is falling apart (especially in the case of 3M equipment) — but because even better products will be available.  Rather than getting stuck with the old model, now you can simply switch the latest greatest thing after a few years and save yourself some cash.

Think about all those poor souls out there with those awful 3m 6210 units.  Don’t you wish you were leasing those bad boys so you could have gotten rid of them long ago?

I’m also thinking about people in the middle of RFID upgrades who might want to get some new security gates in place but need to start out with EM gates until the RFID conversion is complete (say 6 months to 2 years) at which point they can switch over to RFID gates.

The way  the pricing works (so far) is you pay about 23% of the purchase/installation price per year which means you’ve paid MORE by year five than you would have if you purchased it outright.  At year five you can renegotiate to continue your “subscription” at a much reduced cost or simply move to a new model/product.  3M will take away your old equipment for you and set you up with something new.

It’s definitely not for everyone, but I can see some situations where this would come in quite handy.