BookPoints is an open source web application developed by The Galecia Group to help public libraries bring their paper-based summer reading programs online.  Librarians can easily customize the application’s game logic and design template to match their existing paper-based program -- as well as take advantage of unique online features such as achievement badges, book reviews, online raffle drawings, and more.  Patrons of all ages can interact with the software on their home computers, public access computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

The Galecia Group provides all-in-one summer reading service packages that include:

  • Software hosting for city or county library systems of all sizes, including all server and software maintenance
  • Comprehensive training webinars delivered from January through June, ensuring that your customized summer reading program goes off without a hitch
  • Immediate phone-, email-, and web-based support

Because BookPoints is open source, libraries can download, customize, and run the software themselves.  BookPoints is built upon Drupal, so we recommend experience running and installing a LAMP application such as Drupal.  More information about running BookPoints yourself can be found on the download page.