Civic technology is tech -- websites, mobile apps, remote sensors, text message notification services, etc. -- that helps people interact with their government.  As accessible, well-respected, community-facing government institutions, public libraries are uniquely positioned to promote civic technology in their communities.  The Galecia Group can help your library plan and facilitate a successful “civic tech” hackathon for your community.

This “civic tech” hackathon has a focus on inviting local (city, county, state) government technologists and subject matter experts, as well as area residents interested in technology.  An “unconference” style of attendee-directed activities can be planned, or organizers can present a specific challenge or topic to focus on.

The Galecia Group can:

  • Assist with planning, marketing, and recruiting activities before your hackathon
  • Prepare local data sources, skeleton apps, and other “laptop-ready” resources for attendees to work on
  • On-site facilitation the day of the hackathon with up to three tracks (one training track and two building tracks or vice versa)
  • Advise on follow-up activities, such as strengthening the local civic technology community network

Suggested tracks:

  • Building: build an “adopt-a-fire-hydrant” application
  • Building: use the “street-mix” tool to plan an ideal pedestrian-friendly street layout
  • Building: deploy an “open data” portal for local government data
  • Building: build an online map of vacant commercial properties for new businesses
  • Learning: introduction to data wrangling
  • Learning: introduction to Javascript
  • Learning: introduction to Github