Maps are an excellent way for people to visualize their local community and the resources within.  This hackathon has a focus on serving non-technical attendees.  In the morning, attendees will learn about collecting data -- online in the library and on a field trip in the local neighborhood.   The focus in the afternoon sessions is placing that data on an interactive map and using other digital tools to visualize it. 

The Galecia Group can:

  • Assist with planning, marketing, and recruiting activities before your hackathon
  • Prepare local data sources, a custom local map server, and other “laptop-ready” resources for attendees to work on
  • On-site “field trip” preparation and rehearsal the day before the hackathon
  • On-site facilitation the day of the hackathon with up to three tracks (one training track and two building tracks or vice versa)
  • Advise on follow-up activities, such as strengthening the local civic technology community network.

Suggested tracks:

  • Building: Building a data collection form with Google Forms
  • Building: Building a simple map with Google Maps
  • Building: Building a data-driven map with Google Fusion Tables
  • Learning: Open Source Alternatives to Google Maps
  • Learning: Introduction to Geographic Information Software (GIS)
  • Learning: Introduction to web-based GIS applications