This presentation was originally presented at the Library 2.019 "Open Data" virtual conference on June 5, 2019.

PDF of slide deck

Direct links to tools:

Planning and Pondering

1) Define it in a fun way for stakeholders!

2) Find resources that support and justify and prototype open data initiatives:

3) Get some community context with resources from NNIP:


4) Public Open Data Catalogs ← US open data portal
(state / county / local portals)
US Library Data:
MIT state GIS portal

5) Google Dataset Search

6) AwesomeData List

7) Base Map Cartographic Boundary Files from

8) Scrape it!

Managing & Wrangling

9) Google Sheets can import tables from web pages!

10) The Linux/OSX command line!

11) R

12) Clean it up!!  OpenRefine:

13) Parse and manage massive amounts of it with PapaParse JS CSV parser:

14) Geocoding with Google Sheets!

15) (USA) Geocode from Census.Gov (10K limit/batch):

16) Data Science Toolkit:

17) Protect Patron Privacy by Anonymizing (De-Identifying) Data:

Presentation and Visualization


19) Tableau Public:

20) Historical Map Georeferencing Tutorial:

21) Spot Data-Viz-Liars By Learning The Data-Viz Cheat Techniques!

22) WebJunction's Data Viz for Libraries Webinar:

23)'s Selected Viz Tools Explorer:

24) Publish it with Data Catalog Software!

25) Start or join your local open data movement: