Hi everyone - thanks for attending our webinar!  Slides are attached below.  Here are some links that I mentioned or demonstrated during today's session: 

Background Info, Inspiration, etc.

Anthony Marx, President of NYPL, speaking at Personal Democracy Forum 2015 about "The Public Library as the Civic Hub in the Digital Age"  (9-minute video).  Includes quotes like:

"[libraries] are the quintessential civic hub - the space for learning in civil society"

"imagine a world in which the creativity and wisdom of everyone was unleashed on all information"

"we have the trust, the sense of the public interest"

Civic Tech Field Guide

Detailed information about civic tech projects around the world.

Tess Wilson: "I’m a public librarian. This is why I’m also a civic-tech advocate" article

"...the voices of civic tech in Pittsburgh have gathered to discuss the current state and possible futures of their work.
There are software developers working closely with companies to incorporate new tech into their systems. There are city planners who envision a Pittsburgh built on a foundation of free and open data. There are curious citizens coding for a better community, county employees who carry with them the weight of the big picture, and funders with an eye for innovation.

And, of course, there are staff from the public library."

"Unlocking the Power of Civic Technology" - Chicago Forum on Global Cities Workshop 2018, Chicago Council on Global Affairs

"You Don't Have to be a Techie to Do Civic Tech" - Code for America


Examples from Libraries

Boulder Public Library's "Art of Data" Description and a slideshow of the art

News story about Hennepin County Library's "Geo:Code" Hackathon

Chattanooga Open Data Portal [and a video of Library Deputy Director Nate Hill discussing civic tech]

The Newberry Library's "Chicago Ancestors" History Atlas

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Civic Data Zines

Other Links

Data Equity for Main Street [open data curriculum for librarians and patrons]

Code for America - main site [national civic tech org]

Code for America Brigade Network [local chapters of civic technologists in 80+ US cities]

Civic Switchboard [IMLS-funded multi-group effort to make libraries part of local civic tech / open data ecosystem]

Cleveland Foundation's Digital Excellence Initiative [good example of regional collaboration for civic tech]

Article Covering the Past 25 Years of Civic Tech by Matt Stempeck