Collaborative Librarianship has published its first issue of 2013. It looks like a great issue with an editorial by our editor, Ivan Gaetz, entitled "Compelling and Necessary Momentum: A Recent Timeline in Open Access" and an articlbe about Orbis-Cascade Alliance's selection of Alma for their shared library system as just one piece of their merging services.

 My column, Technology Matters, talks about the Library Communication Framework. It starts like this...

In a few weeks, I’ll be attending my first National Information Standards Organization (NISO) meet-ing as a member of the National Circulation Inter-change Protocol (NCIP) Standing Committee. My objective is to see if I can garner support for the Library Communication Framework (LCF) which is a set of protocols that replicate and extend Standard Interchange Protocol (SIP2) and NCIP2 while adding web services functionality for the exchange of information. The LCF was developed by BIC (Book Industry Communication2), an independent organization based in the U.K.    < read more >

The article goes on to describe some of the limitations of SIP2 and how we have dug ourselves into a bit of hole when it comes to communicating with the ILS. I believe that working with the Library Communication Framework is our way out. I hope you'll check out the column!

[Post Publish Update]

After the article was published, I attended the aforementioned NCIP Standing Committee meeting where I found out that several of my statements about NCIP were incorrect. I'll provide a revised version of that column on this website soon.