Abstract: As more libraries offer "learn to code" and digital skills training programs to patrons of all ages, there is a significant opportunity to offer more sophisticated services for advanced learners, even up to the level of professional workforce development. By partnering with local institutions or online programs, libraries can potentially offer in-house training to their community members who might not be otherwise well-suited for traditional in-person or online training programs. In addition, we've identified a wealth of resources that libraries can use to support self-directed learners and institutional online learners in the community. We also note the critical importance of providing career coaching and planning services to those learners interested in pursuing a technical career.

Craner, Jim and Ayre, Lori Bowen (2019) "Going Beyond "Learn to Code" in the Library: Partnerships and Resources for Delivering Successful Advanced Technical Training," Collaborative Librarianship: Vol. 10 : Iss. 4 , Article 2. Available at: