A one-day workshop on data and community mapping topics for public library staff.

The Pop-Up Map Studio is a one-day workshop that invites librarians and library staff to learn about mapping technologies AND build actual map-based, data-driven applications for use in their home communities.  Throughout the day, attendees will alternate between informative training sessions and building their own map-related project, while working with professional cartographers.

map iconOver the past several years, we’ve witnessed a virtual explosion of geospatial software, services, and tools -- that is, software and tools that enable us to easily map people, places, things, and data.  Libraries are uniquely poised to take advantage of these new tools to improve operations and decision-making and to engage their patron communities.  These software tools are frequently referred to as geographic information systems, or “GIS.”

Humans have been using maps for thousands of years -- we’re “location-aware,” to borrow a phrase from the software industry.  Maps are a way to visualize data, much like pie charts or bar graphs -- but in the case of maps, we’re visualizing the physical world around us.  And even as libraries deliver more services virtually, they remain physical centers of the neighborhoods and cities they serve. And spatial data can help us learn more about the neighborhoods and cities where our libraries are anchored.

In this one-day workshop, we'll provide a series of informative hands-on training sessions that cover a variety of mapping tools, topics, and even some geography-related programming ideas!  Each workshop contains customized content unique to each state or region.  In between sessions, attendees will be able to work on individual mapping projects in consultation with our cartographers.

Note for state library / consortia staff: we typically work with your programming team during the lead-up to each workshop, via conference call and email, customizing presentation data to include local maps and data sources.

Standard Agenda (subj. to customization by sponsoring library/consortium)

9:00am - Welcome circle and introductions; group review of agenda and code of conduct;

9:30am - Group brainstorm and discussion of individual project ideas

10:00am - Morning Walking Workshop: an accessible walking tour around the venue, topic "Introduction to GPS."

10:15am - Break

10:30am - Workshop: "Introduction to Digital Mapmaking" or work on individual projects

11:00am - Workshop: "Mapping Software and Tools" or work on individual projects

11:30am - Pre-lunch check-in circle; share individual project ideas and progress

11:45am - 1:45pm - During this two-hour period, attendees will self-schedule their lunch, solo work, and attending a small group map technology workshop session related to their personal project.

12:00pm - Working Lunch Workshop: "Building a Community Resource Map with Google Maps"

12:30pm - Working Lunch Workshop: "Mapping Library and Community Data with Mapbox"

1:00pm - Working Lunch Workshop: "Publishing Maps on Your Website"

1:45pm - After-Lunch Shakeup!  Group shoutout, topic "Things I Still Want To Learn Today," will inform instructors' planning for afternoon sessions.

2:00pm - Workshop: "Cool Map-related Programming Ideas for Your Library: Kids, Teens, STEM, and Adults!" or work on individual projects

2:30pm - Workshop: "Printable Maps for Offline Populations and Purposes" or work on individual projects

3:00pm - Workshop: "The Mapmaker's Toolbox: A Fast Demo of 10 Tools to Check Out When You Get Home!" or work on individual projects

3:15pm - Afternoon break;

3:30pm - 4:30pm - Work on individual projects, in consultation with facilitators

4:30pm - Closing circle; optionally share individual projects.  Review post-workshop support and learning options.  Farewell!