Public Libraries & AI

A morning (or afternoon) of learning, discussing, and exploring the role of
artificial intelligence ("AI") in the modern library

Multiple dates available
beginning January 2024

AI Fundamentals for Library Staff

From the Basics to Real-World Applications

Join us for an intensive workshop tailored for library staff, diving into the world of Artificial Intelligence ("AI") and its transformative role in today's libraries. We will demystify AI – breaking down its complexities into understandable concepts, perfect for non-techies! This session also includes discussion of AI-related issues such as bias, copyright, and AI's impact on society, ensuring library professionals are well-equipped to navigate this evolving landscape.

This will be an interactive session: we'll include multiple Q&A sessions throughout. After the session, try out what you've learned on our specialized Library AI training platform: you can create cool images, test library-specific chatbots, and more! You'll also have access to chat with our instructors in our virtual drop-in sessions every month.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concepts underlying modern AI tools, including how AI is "trained" and what it "learns"
  • Understand how AI may improve productivity and problem-solving in various contexts
  • Understand potential negative impacts of AI, including algorithmic bias and intellectual property issues
  • Learn about the key features available in ChatGPT Plus (with a brief introduction to similar tools)
  • Learn how AI image generation and image editing work, with live demonstrations of AI image techniques using DALLE-3 and Dreamstudio
  • Develop an understanding of how AI can be used in library operations, programming, and services.

Session Logistics

  • Participants will attend a 90-minute interactive workshop in Zoom, followed by an optional 1-hour "open lab" experimentation session.
  • Additional "open lab" drop-in hours are offered on a monthly basis (also in Zoom).
  • After the workshop, attendees will have 1 month of access to our AI training platform.

Dates Offered


The Galecia Group's unique Public Library Artificial Intelligence Demonstration ("PLAID") platform is the foundation of our AI training efforts. This cloud-based program provides a simple and affordable way for library staff to try cutting-edge AI tools. Learn more.



The Galecia Group sponsors the PLAID listserv for members of the public library community interested in the use of AI. Visit our signup page to register and set your listserv options!