Public Libraries & AI

A morning (or afternoon) of learning about, and exploring
the use of, ChatGPT Plus in real-world situations

Multiple dates available
beginning February 2024

Collaborating With AI: Deep Dive into ChatGPT Plus

Leverage ChatGPT's Latest Features to Boost Productivity

Discover the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT Plus in our hands-on workshop designed for library staff. Explore real-world applications, understand AI model differences, and participate in live demonstrations to see ChatGPT in action.

Learning Objectives

  • Grasp the extended features of ChatGPT Plus compared to the standard version and other AI tools.
  • Delve into the new document upload feature that allows for customized AI knowledge.
  • Learn how to integrate ChatGPT Plus into everyday library tasks.

Session Logistics

  • Participants will attend a 90-minute interactive workshop in Zoom, followed by an optional 1-hour "open lab" experimentation session.
  • Additional "open lab" drop-in hours are offered on a monthly basis (also in Zoom).
  • After the workshop, attendees will have 1 month of access to our AI training platform.
  • A ChatGPT Plus subscription is recommended but not necessary; a free ChatGPT account is sufficient.

Dates Offered:


The Galecia Group's unique Public Library Artificial Intelligence Demonstration ("PLAID") platform is the foundation of our AI training efforts. This cloud-based program provides a simple and affordable way for library staff to try cutting-edge AI tools. Learn more.



The Galecia Group sponsors the PLAID listserv for members of the public library community interested in the use of AI. Visit our signup page to register and set your listserv options!