Public Libraries & AI

Let's explore using AI to draft and improve library policies -
including policies about AI.

Multiple dates available
beginning February 2024

Crafting AI Policies *With* AI: A Dynamic Workshop for Libraries

Discuss and Develop AI-Related Policies for Your Library

Explore the art of creating and revising library policies using AI - including policies about AI. This session is thoughtfully designed for library professionals and board members who are eager to delve into the dual roles of AI in libraries: as a subject of policy and as a tool for policy-making.

In this dynamic workshop, we'll begin by exploring how AI tools can be used to draft, edit, transform, and improve policy language. We'll then explore some typical library policies that might be impacted by new AI tools and services, including data privacy and protection, algorithmic bias, environmental impact, and the use of AI systems in decision-making. Finally, we'll use AI to generate sample language for new AI-related policies that you can customize for your library. This hands-on session is perfect for those looking to embrace AI's full potential responsibly and innovatively.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn basic techniques for working with AI models to refine policy language.
  • Explore some ethical, legal, and environmental considerations of implementing AI in library settings.

Session Logistics

  • Participants will attend a 90-minute interactive workshop in Zoom, enriched with examples and discussions.
  • An optional 1-hour "open lab" session for hands-on experimentation with AI tools - bring your existing policies to refine!
  • 1 month of access to our custom AI training platform post-workshop.

Dates Offered



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