Posted by Lori Ayre on June 20, 2013

Attached is a nice little article from CIO magazine about King County Library System's move from Innovative to Evergreen, their challenges, and the solutions they've employed.  Here's the article.

Catalyst is interested in doing more work with libraries and now that they have some experience with Evergreen doing development and support, I imagine they'd like to get more customers on that platform.

I'd like to see Catalyst (or maybe someone else) offer to provide a turn-key solution that includes migration, implementation, support, AND systems administration.  Not just support, but provide the Evergreen Administrator for the consortium too.  The reason I'm interested in this idea is because I see libraries that would do well on a shared ILS that is designed for consortia but they don't have the in-house staff to support a system as complex as Evergreen.  By the time you put together several libraries who are running their own systems, you could pretty easily pay for one shared Evergreen Administrator dedicated to your consortium.....couldn't you?