Posted by Lori Ayre on September 9, 2009

Not sure if you've been following the developments with Koha but there is a strong movement afoot to develop a Koha Foundation.  This impetus in no small part due to issues with Liblime who has been a strong supporter and development partner for Koha but has come under fire recently about how they are doing business. You may have noticed that some of their employees have left Liblime for other OS projects (e.g. Galen Charlton went to Equinox, Nicole Engard was hired jointly ByWaters Solutions and BibLibre...and there have been other departures).

Here's an announcement about the meeting:

Meeting about forming a Koha Foundation, 15 September 2009 | Software Cooperative News.

If you are interested in the discussion about why and how to form a foundation, this wiki page is useful: