Free Consulting Available at ALA Chicago

If you are going to ALA in Chicago, you might want to take advantage of free consulting from one of the 15-20 consultants that will be providing free consulting sessions during the Consultants Give Back session.  

Find the consultant who can help you at /.  If you find someone with the right skills for your project, contact them and make an appointment ahead of time. There are some drop-in options but most of the consultants require appointments.

Filtering Worst Practices: Keyword Filtering and Blocking by File Type

The American Association of School Libraries just reported on the use of filters in schools based on the results of the School Libraries Count! survey conducted January-March, 2012. The results are the predictable mix of good and bad. On the good side (per this report), the filters reduce student distractions and decrease the need for direct supervision.  The filters may even result in "more appropriate" search results.

Internet Filters - Who's Deciding What?

I haven't talked much about filters lately as it seems that they have just quietly found their way into some libraries or have been decidedly eliminated from consideration in others (San Jose Public being one of the more public examples). But every once in a while something comes through the newsfeed that really points out the importance of paying attention to what is happening with filters in some libraries and, in this case, some schools.

Library Filtering Remains Controversial

I was recently interviewed by David Carr, a freelancer who wrote an article for Baseline Magazine.  I was pleased to see that the quote he included from our discussion was actually complete and in context.  Seems so often you end up reading the words you said...but somehow the context gets twisty.

Anyway, I thought it was a good article.