ACLU Checking Filters in Libraries

American Libraries Online Ed: broken link removed 2011 alerts us to the newly released "Readers Block: Internet Censorship in Rhode Island Public Libraries Ed: broken link removed 2011," a report by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

I haven't read the 21 page report yet but the AL Online piece states that the report finds "some libraries block material beyond the minimum needed for CIPA compliance"....SURPRISE!

ILS Companies Starting to Bring On Filters

Of course, I've got to say I told you so because I did....

"The release of filter modules by the integrated library systems (ILS) is another likely development in the filter market..." [from Chapter 5: What's Next For Library Filtering?, Library Technology Reports, March-April 2004 by moi Ed: broken link removed 2011].

So Dynix has "chosen ContentWatch as filtering provider" per the listing in New Product News, Public Libraries March/April 2004.